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The current release of Overbite for Android is 0.2.6, released on 4 February 2022.

This is an alpha test release and is not yet complete. You should consider this software in testing. Please send us your comments at

  • System Requirements:
    • Any Android phone or device with 4.0.3 (Ice Cream Sandwich) through 12 (S). Android 9 (Pie) or higher is recommended. Future version 0.3.x may require Android 9 or higher.

During the testing phase Overbite will only be made available from this site.

  • Installation/upgrading directions:
    1. Delete any prior version of Overbite Android (you do not need to delete bookmarks or any gopher shortcuts, however) as the signing key changed between 0.2.5 and 0.2.6. If you don't do this, installation may fail without obvious explanation.
    2. Enable sideloading on your device. Although this application is signed, it is not offered through F-Droid or the Google Play Store. Sideloading is supported on most unlocked devices and all Google Nexus and Pixel devices.
    3. Overbite Android is supplied as an APK. Either directly download the APK to your device with the browser or to your device's memory card. Keep the extension as .apk.
    4. Depending on your configuration, you may simply be able to touch and install the APK directly. You can also use a tool such as OI File Manager, AppsInstaller or Astro File Manager to do this installation step.
    5. Start Overbite Android by touching the icon in your applications tab. You can also drag it to your home screen.
    6. Enjoy Gopherspace. Please report your experiences to, including your perception of the application's speed, how well it interacts, and your device and Android version.

  • New and Fixed
    • Fixes for visual issues in dark mode and on Android 12.
    • Fixes for possible crash bugs.

  • To do
    • Enable downloading files to device storage. This will be part of version 0.3. You will need to have a file manager that supports PICK_FILE, such as Astro.
    • Add localizations.
    • Internal bookmark support. This will be in a future version. For now, you can create shortcuts on the Home screen as basic bookmarks.

Overbite for Android is provided to you as open source under the new BSD license. You can download the Android Studio project, source code and resources from Gopherspace: Source code for Overbite Android

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